Monday, March 31, 2008


Goldilocks, the glamorous

I have always been beset by wild dreams that seldom achieve fruition. By a rare quirk of fate, however, one of my long term life ambitions was recently fulfilled. Some people aspire to get into high positions in life. Some aspire to lead a good life. I however, aspired solely to colour my hair a completely unpleasant shade of dark blue.

This was achieved by me recently when I went out to try and get my hair coloured so that I'd look cool in my sister's marriage. Needless to say, I was the cynosure of all eyes. The first inclination of trouble, however, came when my own mother mistook me for the coffee delivery boy and ordered me to deliver coffee to the guests. And soon, I ended up in a frantic search for the bride's brother so that he could be present to perform his share of the rites. When at last everyone realized that the bride's brother was searching for himself, a great cataclysm occurred because Arun M had become engulfed in great paroxysms of laughter.

The second incident of note occurred when my girlfriend walked straight past me and engulfed Navneeth in a big bear hug. In hindsight however, this was to be expected because Navneeth traditionally sports a huge tuft of hair striped alternatively in brigt yellow and deep purple. This time however he had come in his normal hair-colour in a decent cut, and I, being the broad-minded person that I am, forgave that.

The third incident that's worth mentioning is that my girlfriend continued the embrace of Navneeth even after realizing the mix up.

I realised things weren't going well when the cleaner at the dining hall dipped my head into the washing solution and started wiping the floor clean, having mistaken the blue coloured tuft atop my head for one of those fancy brightly coloured mop-sticks. Not funny at all. They should stop manufacturing such mop-sticks to prevent such mix-ups.

Sundar came in the evening and he being the kind, gentle-mannered person that he is, gently pointed out that the hair on top of my head now looked like Cthulu. I of-course, declined to admit to the veracity of his statement, and continued about my business with my head held.. well, not exactly high, because my hair weighed me down, but in some semblance of an high-held head that I could manage from the two inches below knee height that my head was constantly positioned at.

Well, I don't care what people tell about me. After all, I didn't give a damn when people remarked about the mohican I wore back in second year.


Saturday, January 05, 2008


My Blog

I was bored. So I went and demolished Sundar's blog.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


My Look-alikes!

Sundar put up a picture of himself and all the celebrities who look like him. Well, I decided to try this out with my picture, and I think I have done rather better than Sundar. I have Johnny Depp, Jessica Simpson, and jet Li!! Cool!!

Monday, May 14, 2007


My college logo.

My college logo. I could have designed a better one when I was three.


Friday, December 01, 2006


Master of paramelodies among other things

Given that I always walk with a stoop, and that I rarely stand erect, people have always assumed that I am a member of the homo-neanderthalensis class of homonoids. This is absolutely not true. I am a homo-sapien (hereafter referred to as homo-s) like any other guy. The popular perception of me belonging to the homo-neanderthal species is further enhanced by the fact that I cannot communicate in any language more complex than the grunt, as was shown by computer models of my larynx. Now why do I walk with a stoop with my knuckles trailing along on the ground despite being a homo-s? Well, when I was young and impressionable, someone told me it was fashionable to walk like you were 60, had arthiritis, alzheimer's, Parkinson's or any other disease that you can think of. Now I am unable to change myself, much to Sundar's elation.

Well, I have had this blog for quite some time, and I think it is high time I introduced myself properly, told you about my likes and dislikes. Well, I am Raja Deepak, and I am a student of third year in MNM Jain Engg. college with CS as my major. I love listening to music, and my favourite musician is Elton John. My favourite movie happens to be Brokeback Mountain. As any self respecting computer science student, I too have a favourite computer guy, who is none other than Alan Turing himself. Pity he lived in a different time. It would have been so nice to get together with him. I plan to settle in California after finishing my studies. I would also like to say that my idea of utopia would be a combination of California and Brazil.

I have always considered myself a budding poet. Especially since I share my birthday with Robert Frost. I however had to drop any such pretentions because I couldnt find a word to rhyme with 'paramelody'.

So that is all I have to say for now...
So till I manage to post next time, which will be quite a while as I have to shave now, take care. Good Bye... Now leave a comment.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


The Return of the Prince

At last the boy has been rescued after more than two full days in a sixty feet deep pit...

I just wanted to say that whoever dug that pit and left it unguarded, and covered with only a gunny bag is a complete asshole.

Please feel free to comment here further abusing them...


Saturday, April 22, 2006


My Hairstyle...

I have had a lot of problems in the recent past with my hairstyle. Not only hairstyle, but also my facial hair... I have a hairline that is 3 inches above average...That means a lot more of face to wash, not that I wash it, but just for your information. My visits to the saloon are synchronized with the blooming of the Kurinji flower- Once every twelve years. Last time I visited the barber's shop, he had to use gardening shears, lawn mowers and discovered one-thousand exotic species of arthropods.

My next problem always occurs with my facial hair. The hair in my face grows at an astounding rate of three inches per day. I am the most comfortable having it chest-long, but as I study in the local military academy for people from the asylum, I am forced to shave twice a day with a Gillette Mach 6, having titanium coated, steel re-inforced aluminium-nickel alloy blades. Whenever I grow my beard, people mistake me for a man of 30!!!

I however do not look unique. I am identified with many popular personalities of all time due to my beard. They include Saddam Hussein, Usama Bin Laden, Rasputin, Ernest Hemmingway, and the friend of a guy in final year mechanical.

Talking about the friend of a guy in final year mech, the final year guy mistook me for a friend of his, and called out for me in the packed lunch hall. I had no time to speak with him as I fast had to find a place to sit and eat, the weight of the food in my plate becoming unbearable (I usually eat enough for three people!). So, I ignored him, and proceeded to find the place my best friend Sundar, the great, had saved for me. The guy took it seriously, and came running over and tried to punch me. I immediately went under the table, in an act of self defence...which people wrongly call cowardice. Sundar rose to the occassion and deftly diffused the situation with his masterly negotiation skills.

In these ways, I have problems with my hair. Now that I have a girlfriend too, maintaining my hair is becoming more of a problem, as she expects me to maintain unheard-of levels of hygiene. I want to desperately tell her to go stuff it, but love seems to blind my eye.

Good bye.
I end this post in a different vein than when I started.


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